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Anthony Castro is an American film actor with Italian lineage, and is an underdog of the sorts.

With two passions in life: Acting and Animals, Anthony has thrown the traditional path of following one line of work out the window, and continues his education in both the acting and science curriculums. 

He has studied acting with Susan Carlin-Knight, Mary Clifford, and the late John A. Gallagher, and is a graduate of Bergen Community College with an AS in Natural Science and Math as well as continuing his education at Montclair State University towards a BS in Biology.

His future plans include Acting in Film & Television, Wildlife Conservation, inspiring other actors as an ambassador for Clapit, and working on Productive Documentaries as his route becomes clearer with time.

Recent credits include Extraction Point (Franklin Correa), "Mis-Connected" (Michael Tota), "Friends" (Olivia Chen), "Movie Date" (Michael Perez), “Struck” (Nightstalker Cinema), “Delivery” (An Alejandro Joewono Prod.), & “Conscience”, “Hike”, and “The Mule” (Prowling Pictures). He has also appeared in a featured role opposite Tony Sirico in John A. Gallagher’s film “Sarah Q.” 

Future projects involve him portraying a skater dude in a wrestling-inspired comedy, a quirky pizza delivery guy who steals his customer's date, and a villainous vampire in a vengeful pursuit.

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